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Welcome to Marketminds

Marketminds is a consultancy firm, advising desicion-makers about product development and marketing, based upon solid analyses and facts about market dynamics, psychological mechanisms, and economics.

Marketminds was founded in 2005 by an economist and psychologist.

We work in teams of qualitative and quantitative consultants. This approach ensures the most valid and useful insight, a solid foundation for decision-making as well as a safe and sound platform on top of which new action can be taken. Anchoring is integrated into all projects – with regards to direct implementation and application of analysis results and new knowledge.

Since 2005 we have solved a myriad of assignments for our customers – both large and small.  With more than 400 focus groups led, 150,000 questionnaires sent out, and 1,000 in-depth interviews conducted, we have progressively accumulated an extensive degree of experience and expertise within a broad range of domains and disciplines.

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Our address is:

Vesterbrogade 26
DK-1620 Copenhagen
Tel.: +45 35 38 38 53

mette1-80x80Please contact Managing Director, Mette Obelitz, for more information
Phone: +45 2963 2386 and email: obelitz@marketminds.dk