The reason why the banks’ PR campaigns went awry

The business news site Bureaubiz has interviewed Director of Marketminds, Mette Obelitz, about the Danish bank customers in the year 2013.

You can read the full article in Danish here:

The reason the banking campaigns went awry


This is a short presentation of the psychographic segmentation of Danish bank customers anno 2013. Click HERE.

Marketminds has returned from the ESOMAR Congress

In Marketminds, we give priority to keeping updated on trends and standards inside market analysis on the world stage. We have just returned from the annual ESOMAR Congress entitled “THINK BIG” with a lot of exciting new insights and ideas in the luggage. We have heard news regarding “digital shopping”, “sensory marketing”, “gamification”, “big data mining” and a whole lot more – and we would like to share it with you! Please get in contact if you want to hear more HERE.

The dominant focus group participant is a gift

Anyone who has ever witnessed a focus group has encountered “that loud and dominating participant.” The one that we, as moderators, are instantly asked to quiet down in order to make room for the other participants. The one that we, in the name of methodology and validity, cannot allow to influence the opinions of the other participants.

But does he really deserve his bad reputation? Or is he, in fact, an important part of the process?

Doesn’t he represent the type of argumentation and influencing of opinions, that we – even the quieter among us – encounter all the time?

We think that the dominant focus group participant is a gift to the process. Because he is just as influential and dominant around the dinner table, among his colleagues, and when he is drinking beers with his friends.

He is the one whom people look at and listen to. And as a focus group moderator we need him, because he gives us an insight into which arguments prevail in specific cases – and which do not.

Emotionel Intelligence and segmentation

Some people have difficulties reading others, which makes it hard to relate to them and create trust. And trust is often crucial in a sales situation.

Emotional intelligence is not a gift that everyone is born with. But with the right tools even the most socially challenged employee can become skilled – and the naturally empathetic employee can excel.

By segmenting your customers – and teaching your sales employees to proceed differently when dealing with different customer segments – you can optimize the emotional abilities of your employees.

Please contact Mette Obelitz to hear more about how segmentation can become a major asset for your company.

Maersk new customer with Marketminds

It is with great pleasure and pride that we can announce that Marketminds has entered into a substantial, international collaboration with AP Moller – Maersk.

We look forward to describing the case in details as the global results reach our docks.

Marketminds has developed a psychographic segmentation of the Danish bank customers anno 2013

A customer’s relation to his or her bank is, to a large degree, decided by emotions. Consequently, Marketminds has developed a segmentation-model that gives emphasis to emotional action.

The segmentation identifies 5 different types of bank customers, each of which banks should integrate in both marketing strategies and direct customer contact.

The segmentation of bank customers is based on 15 years of knowledge and insight into the Danish bank customers’ relationship with their personal finances, their behavior in relation to their choice of bank and bank products, and changes in the relationship between bank and customers in the recent years’ digitalisation.

In addition, in the spring of 2013 we carried out a quantitative study of 2050 Danish bank customers that the segmentation model itself is derived from.

Have you or your department an interest in hearing more about the survey, please contact Mette Obelitz for a talk about the possibilities of a presentation of the results. A brief presentation is available here: The Danish bank customers.